Our Mission


The aims and objectives for which the society is established are: 

To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love &

affection among

the people of society and to make them aware from alcohol & drugs, which are harmful

for the society and to open re-habilitation center for their treatment for free of cost for

welfare of the society.

To arrange and organise social, religious, cultural and educational, sports and games

program from time to time.

To start a drive with the help of government officials to stop the sale & purchase of drugs

and to stop the peddlers indulging in the drugs for not harming the society.

To help poor widows, handicapped and mentally retarded persons and to help them by

giving education, protection and shelter.

To open charitable dispensaries, auditoriums and education centers with the help of

government to make them recognized and reputed.

To help the poor girls & boys to get married and educate them for the betterment of


To do charitable work, including relief work in natural calamities for the poor and to

extend physical and mental, social and moral development of the human welfare.

To promote the interest in general public in Indian Ary culata by arranging and

organizing musical and dance programme, stage-play, dramas, operas, audio visual

programmes etc.

To conduct awareness programmes to throw light upon the problems regarding health

and sanitation and current social problems relating to women and children (eg. down,

child labour, alcoholism and drug addiction).

To run, establish reading rooms and library for general public, members and the other

section of the society and to publish resourceful material for benefit of public.

To organize free dispensaries, blood donation camps, AIDS awareness camps and other

health awareness programmes for welfare of the society.

To collect the funds, donations, loans and charities from societies and other organizations

to run the organization,

To ask opinion, co-operation and/or federating with similar association having similar

objectives betterment of the association.

To acquire by purchase, take on lease, hire or by gift and hold any moveable or

immoveable properties or any right or privilege that may be deemed necessary or useful

for the advancement of the object of the society.